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Photography for Your Brand | Why You Should Hire a Specialty Photographer

Specialty photographers, such as food and product photographers, have invested quite a bit of time, energy, and practice to achieve their artistic finesse. It’s often well worth the money to hire a professional photographer who specializes in the type of photography you need.

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Sometimes, a one-stop shop is great! Like when you go into Target to check out the home décor and decide to pick up a couple grocery items…and a new shirt…and that cool kitchen gadget on the end cap while you’re at it. However, you probably won’t be looking for a custom furniture piece during your quick run. I’m not knocking their stuff! But if you want to upgrade your living space with a gorgeous piece that excels in quality, design, and originality, you’ll probably go to a specialty furniture store for that. They won’t have your milk and eggs, but they might have a beautiful custom-designed chair made of solid wood. In some instances, you’re looking for craftsmanship, not just price and convenience.

Photography for your brand is the same way. Sure, you can use stock photos, premade templates, or a cheaper “do-it-all” photographer who can snap a few pictures for you. But that won’t work if you want to elevate your brand, showcase your originality, and demonstrate professionalism through your photos. In such a competitive online sphere, finding the right team and branding professionals for your project will ensure that you get thoughtfully curated designs by experts within your niche. Your brand deserves more than a one-size-fits-all design.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Specialty Photographer

Specialty photographers know expert tips + tricks.

Food photography is way more than pretty plating and great angles. In fact, we may use non-food items or use composites to achieve the desired effect and help food last longer. Sadly, the best dishes go bad if you let them sit for a while; so, it’s my job to make them not only last but look deliciously appetizing throughout the photoshoot.

For instance, since ice cream melts rather quickly, it’s tricky to shape for photos. So, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to preserve the texture and emphasize the appeal of a beautifully scooped treat. I can make candy sparkle, drinks bubble, and savory dishes tempt your taste buds because I’ve fine-tuned my methods for photographing food.

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We have industry connections.

In many cases, branding/commercial photography projects require additional team members and professionals (learn more about that here). A specialty photographer will have industry connections to stylists, shoot locations, producers, etc., who will elevate the final product even more.

Your project will receive undivided attention.

A photographer who claims to be a Jack of All Trades will indeed be a Master of None because they’re diving their attention among many projects that require different styles. But a specialty photographer will give you and your project the attention and detail it deserves from planning to finished product.

A specialty photographer understands branding.

A newborn photographer probably won’t know all the elements of branding, and that’s ok because they rock at capturing those tiny human details. Likewise, I don’t know much about safe newborn poses, but I can put together a killer stop motion clip or sparkly gif. I also know that branding elements—such as color scheme, textures, images, and materials—are crucial for visual branding. Using a close shade of teal isn’t enough. Exact color codes and photo prop selections ensure each detail plays into your brand and adheres to guidelines.

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A specialty photographer will get your vision.

And finally, a specialty photographer is more likely to understand and carry out your vision. If you hire a do-it-all photographer, you may spend hours planning, reworking, and revising to achieve results you don’t love. A genre-specific photographer is more likely to understand and capture the style and look you’re going for right off the bat.

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