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5 Ways to Use GIFs for Product Marketing

The goal of every marketing strategy is to get people to engage with your brand. Before you can make a pitch, you need people to see you. Get their attention with fun and visually-appealing GIFs and stop-motion clips.

Use animated GIFs to provide context, show texture and detail, and display your brand and product’s quality.

Not sure where to show off your clips once you have them? Use GIFs just about anywhere you might add a photo or video. These short snapshots can play a key role in your digital marketing strategy. If you’re looking to interact more with your audience, incorporate GIFs and stop-motion clips into these five platforms:

1. Social Media

Visual content is crucial for digital marketing, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Take your photos up a notch by adding some eye-catching movement. You’ve got to admit, GIFs are mesmerizing. You just can’t take your eyes off of them – especially when the GIF displays a big slice of caramel goodness!

stop-motion clips food photography

2. Email Marketing GIFs

With all the emails flying into our inboxes on a regular basis, it’s getting harder to achieve high open rates. After a killer subject line (try an intriguing question or give them a hint about helpful tips covered in your email), draw people in with a bold and colorful GIF. The visual will entice them to learn more and read about your offer.stop-motion gifs, food photography

3. Blog Posts

A GIF is a perfect balance between photo and video. A stop-motion clip can be more expressive and engaging than a still shot, yet it’s not a lengthy video. These little snippets may be just what you need to give your blog a fresh and updated facelift (although, use them sparingly and with intention so your site doesn’t look cluttered or glitchy).sparkling drink clip

4. Stop-Motion Display Ads

Whether you’re using Google Ads or social media advertising, GIFs can help accentuate your product’s unique details. Amplify your ads by providing detailed stop-motion clips that showcase the quality of your brand. Use GIFs to draw eyes toward your ads. Then, if your audience can see what you’re offering, they’ll be more inclined to click.

gifs for advertising

5. Branded Tutorials

GIFs and stop-motion clips work well for health and beauty products as well as food brands because they allow potential customers to see the product in action. Think: makeup tutorials and Pinterest recipes. Or, maybe you want to show off the versatility of your product. Use GIFs to show some of the different ways your product can be used or enjoyed.kombucha motion clip

Have an idea in mind for a GIF? I’d love to help you accomplish your vision. Get in touch with me to get started. 

Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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