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11 Ways to Incorporate Elements of Branding

Whether this is you’re a first-time “brander” with a new business or you’re a seasoned pro in the middle of rebranding, the marketing game has drastically changed over the last ten years. Not so long ago, most branding efforts went into the logo, website, products, and print materials. But now, there are many more platforms to consider. If you’re a brick and mortar business or have food or products to sell, you have to consider elements of branding from two perspectives: traditional and digital marketing.

It’s crucial that your branding remains consistent across all mediums and platforms. Cohesive branding will make your business more:

  • Distinguishable
  • Reputable
  • Consistent
  • Valuable
  • Exclusive
  • Professional

Basically, you’ll seem all-around more put together. Anyone can start a business, and you’ll find all kinds of cheap products and “less-than” services out there. But when you put time and effort into branding, it makes it clear that you care about your business and customers and that you put considerable time and effort into it. That speaks volumes about you and your brand. A personalize touch—branding that is thoughtfully original—goes a long way, especially if you use it consistently.

Ready to leave your mark? Don’t forget to incorporate consistent branding elements into these 11 marketing platforms.

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11 Areas to Integrate Elements of Branding

Social Media Platforms

Be sure your copy, video, and photo content all reflect consistent branding. Use branded digital content on platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and more.


This one’s a given, but don’t forget your blog, too! Original branded images help your website perform better and rank higher than stock images. Keep your messaging clear and consistent across every page.


A beautifully branded invoice looks more professional than a default template. Plus, it’ll help your brand’s image stick in your client’s mind a bit better.

Email Marketing

We encounter incredible amounts of information a daily basis. Our brains are incredibly efficient at taking it in, filtering it out, and throwing away what isn’t necessary. Make your emails harder to ignore and filter out. Branded logos, colors, and imagery will lend themselves to better information retention. Visually appealing or intriguing emails are far more likely to be opened than written content alone.


Place your mark on anything your client receives, including estimates. Whether digital or print, your estimate is less likely to get lost if it’s easy to pick out. Make it distinguishable, professional, and easy to find for your inquiring clients or customers by adding elements of branding.

Mock Ups + Treatments

Be sure to maintain consistent branding throughout the onboarding process. Keep it up once you get past the estimate and you’re ready to send the mock up or treatment. Incorporate your logo, fonts, and signature style into each piece.

Packaging + Labels

Hooray! They loved the mock up or sample and moved forward with your products or services. Now it’s time to consider your packaging and labels, if applicable. Stay branded, my friend.


They love you so much that they want some merch to rep your brand. Awesome! More marketing for you—if you remember to clearly brand all of your merchandise.

Giveaway + Promotional Products

Don’t give anything away without branding it first. Pens, mugs, decals, shirts, hats—brand it all up! Keep your colors, fonts, slogan/tagline, and logo consistent with your brand. You might add package inserts with branded messaging and photos as well to give them more info. Add a call to action with where to go to purchase more. You can add elements of branding almost anywhere.

Thank-You Notes

In this fast-paced and socially-distanced society, personalized thank-you notes offer a thoughtful touch and human aspect. It provides a way for your customers to better connect with your brand on a personal level. Take advantage of the fact that many brands do not prioritize authentic customer communication. Your customers will appreciate your appreciation!

Print Material

This is kind of a catch-all note for anything I might have left out. Each brand, business, and industry utilizes different platforms, so be on the lookout for any and all places you can incorporate elements of branding to visually reach your audience.

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