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Photo + Film Treatment Templates | A Peek Inside My Most Successful Treatments

If you’re in commercial photography or videography, fine-tuning your treatment process is crucial. As clients search for the perfect professional for their project, making the best first impression is key to landing the job. Plus, if they love what they see, they may be willing to pay more for it. Your treatment backs up your bid. Photo or film treatment templates aren’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, I want to offer a few key pieces to include, then you can customize your treatment templates to your needs and services.

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4 Components All Photo + Film Treatment Templates Should Include

Descriptive keywords presented by the client about their brand

Using specific descriptions and adjectives reflected in my client’s branding guide reiterates that I understand their creative direction and concept for the project. Most likely, your client has invested quite a bit of time and money in the branding process, which includes language and messaging, so it’s in your best interest to incorporate it into your treatment. Of course, the visuals used in your photo or film treatment need to tie into the brand completely, but so do your words. Speak their brand, and they’ll feel like you understand them. Your words matter!

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Personalized Intro Page

I take time to write a full page describing why I’d be the perfect fit for this project (from client’s perspective) with specific steps on how I will accomplish the goals in their creative brief and project description. In this everything-automated world, a personalized write up—which requires time and attention—shows that I’m truly invested in their project. Every step is customized to their needs. I have slowed down enough to hear what they’re saying, process the info, and thoughtfully curate a design and plan for them.

This extra step is crucial. So, mentally revisit your high school senior  English class, and hone those writing skills. Yes, your grammar needs to be on point, and you should definitely proofread, but most importantly, make it clear, authentic, and all about them. (You may be writing about your skills, but you’re really writing about how your skills will make you the best person to carry out their vision.)

Visual Examples

Help your client see what you see. Bring their project to life, and provide inspiration through specific visual examples. This is the part where you put those words on the previous page into action—prove what you’re capable of without giving everything away. Your visuals need to be enticing and on-brand.

While you may prefer something different as an artist, your client is always right here. Offer insight and advice when appropriate, but ultimately, you need to cater your treatment design to their brand and specifications. As professional creatives, we’re always looking for that balance of knocking their socks off with out-of-the-box creativity while still staying within the project’s limits and guidelines. Show you can do that here.

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Photo + film treatments typically include:

  • Props + Materials
  • Backdrops
  • Surfaces
  • Locations

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Recommended Team Members + Sample Work

Want to take your photo or film treatment to the next level? Provide recommendations—with sample work. This helps clients tremendously! You can save them a ton of time and show off your expertise by recommending the best team for their project. As an industry professional, you may have connections that they do not. Provide a page for each stylist that you will include on the bid, plus examples of their relevant work. It’s a win-win. They don’t have to go scout all the professionals needed for the project, and you get to work with people you know and trust. Most likely, you’ll have a better idea of which creative professionals this project will require. Help their project be as successful and efficient as possible.

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