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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Team for Your Branding Photoshoot

As a commercial photographer who loves photographing food, I tend to dabble in food styling (amateurly). Trying new plating and food presentation techniques is a creative process that I find both challenging and inspirational. The methods I discover while photographing food play into other types of photoshoots I do. Like me, most marketing professionals have a particular niche they like to fill. You may find some who boast all-in-one Swiss Army Knife services, but that’s not always the best route to take. I recommend hiring a professional team so that all of your bases are covered, and you end up with exactly what you want, depending on your purpose and goals for the branding photoshoot.

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First, here’s a list of some  professionals you may work with for your branding photoshoot or marketing production:

  • Digital Producer or Art Director
  • Branding Specialists
  • Editorial Professionals (if the photos will be used in a publication)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lead Photographer (yours truly)
  • Stop Motion Artist (I can help with this too!)
  • Videographer
  • Food Stylist/Chef/Caterer/Food Prep Professionals (if applicable)
  • Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup Stylists (if applicable)
  • Content Editors
  • Digital Imaging Technician
  • Digital Assistants
  • Lighting, Audio, and/or Camera Crew (for large projects, especially with video productions)

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Get More Done

Since everyone has a designated job, you can knock more out in a short period. For instance, maybe you want a hype video or commercial, stop-motion clip, plus a collection of photos. Asking one person to do all of that—even if they’re capable of it—can be a bit overwhelming for both of you. Between the planning and multiple sets and shoots, it can turn into a drawn-out process.

Think of it like building a house. Sure, a builder or contractor may have the expertise to do the carpentry, flooring, and electrical work, but it would take three times as long to get it all done. And maybe he doesn’t do flooring regularly, so while he’s capable, he doesn’t have a smooth process in place to get it done quickly. Instead, someone will oversee the construction project while individual professionals do their parts to get it all done in a timely manner.

Highest Quality Results

With each team member zeroed in on their specific job, there’s more attention to detail throughout each step of the process. When you have a specialized team member on each task who can polish each part to perfection, there will be less need for tweaks and corrections later.

Simplified + Efficient Workflow

Many branding creatives have experience working with a team on various projects. When you hire a professional team, a group of experienced creatives can work together in a streamlined process to create seamless results.

Quick Adjustments on Set

I can multitask with the best of them, but sometimes multitasking is not all it’s cracked up to be. It takes time for one person to switch back and forth on the set, attending to different jobs and tweaking details. For me, this is one of the biggest reasons to hire a team. Each specialist can monitor their part of the production and continuously make changes as needed so one person doesn’t have to run back and forth, manning the entire ship alone. Plus, you can rest easy knowing every detail is accounted for.

Love the Experience + The Results

Ultimately, we’re here to create a marketing masterpiece for you. Hiring a professional team isn’t about making things easier for us; it’s about making the experience and the end product absolutely amazing for you. As corny as they are, you can find endless quotes about teamwork because it truly does lead to more success! No matter how masterful the artist is, having more minds and talent on the job will often yield fantastic results (and a more pleasant, less stressful experience for all)!

Lindsay is a Los Angeles food and product photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her here for product marketing!

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