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5 Benefits of Using Professional Hand Models in Commercial Photography

On the fence about whether or not you need a professional model? If your product is something that people can eat, use, or wear (which just about covers everything), you should consider using hand models or other professional models in some of your marketing material. Here’s why:

5 Reasons to Use Professional Models + Hand Models in Your Shoot

1. Elevate Your Images

With Photoshop and all of the affordable editing tools available, it’s incredibly easy for retailers to fake their images. I bet you’ve spotted some of them who have subpar editing skills—you know their product images are fake or seriously retouched because the lines don’t even match up! Using hand models or other professional models in your commercial photos and marketing material makes your images seem much more convincing and authentic. It’s much harder to photoshop people (and why would someone fake a hand?!). Professional models elevate your images and make them appear higher-quality than your competitor’s images. Hand models are great for stop-motion clips and gifs. It’s always more intriguing when someone is actually using the product.

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2. Save Time with More Efficient Shoots

But before you call up your best friend to model for you, I strongly encourage you to hire a professional. Believe it or not, hand modeling is more complex than it looks. Models don’t have to be directed as carefully as someone who doesn’t model professionally. They automatically know how to move gracefully and delicately. You don’t have to spend time telling them exactly how to move their thumb and pointer finger every two seconds (which happens more than you think without professionals).

3. It’s Less Awkward…

Hands by themselves are kind of quirky features. Hand models care for their hands and make everything look effortless, natural, and more attractive. You never realize how awkward hands can be until you try photographing or filming your own for a few minutes. (Why does my hand look like a claw when I go to pick up this item??) Suddenly, you don’t know how to move or what to do with your fingers. Instead, leave it to the well-manicured professionals.

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4. Demonstrate that You’ve Invested in Quality

Utilizing professional models is a worthwhile investment. Hiring a professional isn’t cheap, and your audience knows that. A commercial, advertisement, or photo with a model typically demonstrates higher quality. It shows your audience that you’ve put time, effort, and care into crafting professional images for your brand.

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5. Add a Human Aspect to Your Marketing

Showing off your product is helpful, but showing off how to use your product is even more convincing. Using hand models, face models, or other professional models helps viewers imagine themselves using the product. They get a better idea of your product’s size, texture, and functionality when they watch someone use it.

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See if you can spot some talented hand models on my Instagram feed @lindsaykphoto_, and find more inspiration for your product marketing. (Hint: purple nails, yes please!)

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