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Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs Professional Photos

When you hear “content marketing,” you probably think about copy. With many businesses taking a hard turn toward e-commerce and online sales, brands must crank out more content than ever. But words can seem lifeless without imagery. Great content deserves great images to pair with it – the two are a powerful marketing duo! Here are just a few ways images bring an edge to your content marketing strategy:

How Product Photos Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

Establish Credibility

Have you ever bought from an unfamiliar brand without looking at their products first? Probably not. Photos allow customers to check the quality of your product or service before buying. When you give them opportunities to experience your product from different angles, focusing on the details and functionality, you’ll build trust and credibility. They can see what you’re selling, so they’re more likely to buy.

And, if you have a potential customer deciding between you and the competition, visually stunning photos may help win them over.

Product photos, especially for e-commerce, help you in the long run, too. If you’ve ever tried to return a product you bought online, you may see an option for “item looks different than shown” or something similar on the return label. That’s because the discrepancy between online images and the actual products is one of the top reasons people return products. Don’t be that guy – or gal. I’d love to help you build a collection of branding images that accurately and beautifully reflect your products.

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Persuade Your Audience

Have you ever been sitting at a restaurant, perusing the menu, when a waiter walks by with something that looks delicious? It looks (and smells!) so good that you end your menu search and decide to order the dish that just went by.

I can’t be the only one who looks at a menu filled with descriptions and wonders how the food actually looks and tastes. It’s hard to know what you want simply by reading about it. Seeing the food is much more convincing. In the same way, you can describe your product all day long – even share numerous testimonials about it, but what will really motivate consumers to click “buy” are the photos. The images are where the magic happens!

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Connect with Customers

Images are what drive social media. You can’t have content without images. Well, you could, but you wouldn’t be very successful. It’s important to keep rolling out quality photos so your target audience can emotionally connect with your brand. As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. If you want to stay at the forefront of your target audience’s mind, you need to consistently “show up” through your images. Give them something visual to remember.

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Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy with Professional Product Images

Professional product photos are one of the best investments you can make. In an increasingly digital marketspace, professional photos are a must, AND you can re-purpose them to save time and money.

Need some guidance on incorporating branding images into your content marketing strategy? I’m your girl! Connect with me today to get started.


Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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