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How to Use Professional Product Photos in Marketing

Professional images are one of the best investments you can make for your business. I know, that sounds like a bold statement, but it’s true. Without product photos, how are potential clients or buyers going to see what you offer? Even if they get a good recommendation for your product or service, they’ll want to go check it out before reaching out or buying.

Once potential customers see that you’re legit, hopefully they’ll make a move. The more enticing the photos, the better. That’s why it’s always best to go with a professional marketing photographer. (Connect with me to learn more about my services.)

Thankfully, there are SO many ways you can use those photos once you have them. Your product photos will be doing work for you across many mediums and platforms.


Here are 10 ways you can put your professional images to use!



You’ve probably been there before: you’re checking out a new product from a brand you’ve never heard of, but for all you know it could be fake or poor quality. No one likes to be scammed. But, if you saw a photo or video of the CEO, designer, or chef, you may be more inclined to buy.

You aren’t just selling your product, you’re selling your brand – and you are part of that! Let’s get some photos of you working your magic! People want to see the products, but they also want to see the mastermind behind them. Seeing a human face feels more personable and trustworthy. Your face will give them confidence to purchase the product.

Even better, show them a photo of you creating or interacting with your product – the more real it is, the more connected they’ll feel to you and your product.


product photos & headshots product photos & headshots



Words are great! (That’s why I’m writing to you right now.) But images are what catch eyes. Once viewers see the product (or you), they’ll be enticed to read on and learn more.

Where should you put them? On every page – strategically, of course. Don’t overwhelm your viewers, but give them a focal point to attract their gaze. Would you rather see a looooong page of words, or a page with some bold, intriguing photos and a few explanatory blurbs to go with them? Probably the second.

That being said, don’t go overboard and fill every page with tons of photos, causing sensory overload. Only use photos that depict what the page is about, and incorporate them into your design. (Don’t forget to rename them with a good keyword and add tags to help with search engine optimization – SEO.)


food photography


Utilize your blog to keep your content fresh and your audience connected. A blog is a great place to showcase your work and your products in action. Use it to address any questions your customers or clients might have, and provide detailed insight into your products (just like I’m doing now). Use your photos to boost SEO (see above), and show examples of your products or services.

Social Media

Social media has become part of daily life and a key part of marketing. It’s crucial for your business to be visibly present on related social media platforms. However, posting stock photos over and over again just won’t cut it. Your followers need to see authentic images of you and your products. I can help with that. Together, we can curate a collection of photos that will brighten feeds and pique curiosity. (Plus, it’ll save you time since you already have an album of photos ready to go!)

Business Cards

It’s easy for business cards to get lost in wallets, purses, and folders. But yours won’t! Make your card stand out among the rest with a bold photo as the focal point. A formal headshot isn’t necessary (unless you want that). Use a photo of your product, or use a more abstract, patterned photo for a unique business card design. The photo will catch eyes and showcase your brand.


business cards

Online Advertisements (Google, Facebook, etc.)

Get people to stop scrolling and read your ads with captivating photos. Grabbing your audience’s attention is the first step to successful advertising. When setting up Google Ad campaigns, it will prompt you to add some photos. You’ll need both landscape and portrait-sized photos.

As a marketing photographer, I know that size and ratios matter depending on what you’re using your images for. Be sure to let me know, and we’ll create the appropriate layouts for your images. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


Events & Promotional Material

Have an upcoming promotional event? Incorporate your professional images into banners, posters, or merchandise/giveaways for better branding.

High-quality images will help reinforce your brand and messaging and increase the buy-in of your product. Visuals make memory stronger. If people see your product in different capacities, it will be easier for them to remember your products.


product photos


Pair testimonials with photos of the highly acclaimed products.

For instance, if you sell vegan beauty products, and you have a great review from a customer who loves your face cream, pair their review with a photo of the face cream. Someone who is intrigued by the review and is looking for that product can easily find it because they know what to look for.

As a bonus, link the photo directly to the product so they can purchase it in one click.


product photos

Print Material

Show off your product’s features and functionality. Depending on your brand and product, you can use your professional product photos in brochures, menus, flyers, catalogs, magazine ads, product packaging, etc.


magazine photos

Let’s Put Those Product Photos to Good Use!

Know exactly how you’ll use your professional product photos? Great! Let me know so we can plan the perfect shoot. Different marketing methods require different photos. We’ll make sure you have all the photos you need for each project.

(Psst…we aren’t limited to still shots. Check out my post on stop motion for marketing!)


Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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