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3 Reasons Your Brand Needs Professional Images

Maybe you’ve been attempting your own professional images with the latest iPhone camera and some really good lighting. So far, you’ve been able to handle product marketing yourself. But now, online presence is more important than ever with so much business going digital. To get ahead of the competition, you need more content and more photos. But, you have a business to run and customers to serve! You just don’t have the time or the expertise to keep up with images anymore. It’s time to hire a professional marketing photographer!


3 ways professional images will boost your brand:


Build Great Brand Reputation

Give your brand the edge it needs with high-quality professional images. An experienced product photographer will showcase your brand through creative images that draw in your audience and encourage engagement. A professional brand needs professional images.

As the saying goes, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Great photography doesn’t just look pretty; professional images are also a huge part of marketing strategy. For instance, you need images that demonstrate the quality and functionality of your product in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. Professional photography is a great way to show off your brand, and let people “experience” the product before they buy.

The image below shows people the rich texture and high quality of this vegan skincare product — you can almost feel it just by looking at it, and the picture lets customers know it’s not a watered down product.

photograph on white background

Or, if you offer a food product, you probably already know that you can’t just snap a few photos of the actual product – it melts, loses shape, or simply doesn’t photograph well. An experienced food photographer knows how to work around those issues to beautifully design and photograph your food product.

professional images

Provide Brand Consistency

When you invest in professional product photography, you’ll receive a collection of photos that seamlessly complement each other. You can put them side-by-side, and they’re all on-brand – you won’t have images that clash. This way, you can add your professional images to your website or marketing materials and know that they will collectively represent your brand well.

A consistent style is also great for social media marketing, especially on Instagram. A consistent style allows your audience to immediately recognize you.

For example, if you go to Starbucks’ Instagram page, you’ll quickly see that they have a distinct style. “Starbucks Green” is their main color, and most of their images feature smiling people because they’re a people-focused company. They also use lots of color blocking. Overall, their style incorporates a bold, fresh, and modern design. I can help you master your brand style and tie these elements together for you.

food photography professional images

Save Time

Enough said. Get back to doing what you love by hiring a professional photographer to do the heavy lifting for you! I would love to chat with you about your brand and vision. Together, we’ll design a collection of professional images you can pull from all year long. Running a business is hard enough – no need to stress over images. And once you have them, you can use your new images for everything! Check out just a few ways to incorporating your images into your marketing strategy HERE.


Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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