5 Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles Photographer

Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the majestic San Gabriel Mountains, it’s no wonder how Los Angeles earned its heavenly name. Few places in the US can match its beauty. Throw in the perfect year-round climate, and this city can’t be beat!

But I love Los Angeles for more than the geographical features. The city provides endless opportunities for me to grow and pursue my aspirations as a food and commercial photographer. I enjoy working with people, and I love photography. Here, I can do both!

While you’ll typically find me shooting food and products, it’s often the people behind those products who drive my passion. I’m always on a mission to find brands, businesses, and nonprofits who make the world a better place. Promoting a healthy lifestyle through locally-sourced produce. Selling earth-friendly, sustainable products. Giving back to the community. Those are efforts I am proud to support. I can help by partnering with them through photography. It’s an honor to use my creative marketing skills to boost brands who do GOOD!

That being said, if you’re the one looking for a photographer to partner up with, Los Angeles is a great place to look!


Why Hire a Los Angeles Photographer…Even If You Aren’t in LA


Expect the Most with a Los Angeles Photographer


Central Location

Los Angeles holds a prime spot in Southern California. It’s just a short trip from Santa Barbara, Orange County, or San Diego or an easy-to-find flight from anywhere else. Los Angeles has always served as a hub for many industries, including technology, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, and of course, entertainment. How cool would it be to do a shoot in LA for your product or brand? You’ll have plenty of unique photo opportunities and backdrops, plus an incredible experience. (Take a photo in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign, and mark of part of your bucket list!) Maybe you’ll see something that sparks an idea in the city of ingenuity! 


Cultural Diversity

The unique ethnic diversity of LA provides one-of-a-kind experiences – delicious food, historic neighborhoods, unparalleled entertainment, and more! Los Angeles photographers can help you design a shoot that makes the most of all the city has to offer.

Culinary Hotspot

A simple search for culinary schools will give you an idea of Los Angeles’ love for food. But not just any food – the BEST food. Los Angeles prides itself on its diverse palate. As a food photographer, I intentionally chose LA as my home base because I know I’ll never run out of food or restaurants to photograph. I enjoy checking out some up-and-coming restaurants as well the more renown.

For me personally, I like to support vegan and sustainably-sourcing local restaurants. In some cities, those places don’t even exist. Here, there are hundreds. If you’re a foodie or an artistic chef, this is the place to be! And you can bet you’ll find a photographer – like me! – who enjoys documenting it as much as you enjoy creating it.

Competitive Atmosphere

“But there are sooo many photographers in LA…” Yes, there are! And that’s great news for you. In smaller towns or cities, you may be limited to just a few photographers. Some may not even fit your style, brand, or purpose. To get the best, quality images that truly portray not just your product but also you brand and mission, it’s important to pick the right photographer for you. You’ll find photographers for every occasion in LA. Because of the competition, we all strive to be the very best in our respective industries. Hire a Los Angeles photographer who fits YOUR brand. Think we might be a fit? Let’s connect! I’d love to hear more about what you do.

Connections & Recognition

Finally, Los Angeles is the place to get connected. Shoot here, and you’re on track to getting seen. Plus, if you hire a Los Angeles photographer in your specialty, he or she can probably help put you in contact with people who can help further your mission. Along with creating an iconic image, networking is key to promoting your brand.

How to Hire a Los Angeles Photographer

Search your industry. Research photographers. Schedule an interview. Find a match! Inquire here for more info.


Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!



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