Kitchens For Good Pandemic Response Food Photography

I had the honor of wrapping up my documentary shoots at Kitchens For Good. They have done so much to be able to adapt to the pandemic to help people in need.

They’ve partnered with San Diego Food Bank to be able to produce and distribute a scaled amount of 15,000 ready meals a week. They’ve coordinated grab and go meal distribution with social distancing enforced. They’ve also repurposed their event space into a space for volunteers to help portion, sticker and pack the meals.

Supporting Students

As for supporting their students, all their classes have moved online. They’ve partnered with Market Box SD to be able to “provide students with weekly home delivered food boxes filled with ingredients, recipes, instructions, and meals.” Kitchens for Good is also supporting their alumni students by connecting them to food, financial, and mental health resources since so many restaurants have had to close down during COVID19.

An Amazing Team

I felt so welcomed into Kitchens For Good. Everyone seemed to be on the same page and grateful to be there. The volunteers portioned, stickered and packed so many meals. They seemed so happy to be there and help others in need. The kitchen crew was amazing, having fun but still working hard.

It’s crazy that I had no idea about Kitchens for Good before this shoot. They do so much for their community and their students. More people should know about their programs and efforts! They break the cycle of food waste, poverty, and hunger, and give opportunities to people that would otherwise be deemed “unemployable.”

Their culinary apprenticeship program provides “workforce training to individuals hardest hit by unemployment and food insecurity. This includes the formerly incarcerated, homeless and foster youth. Culinary apprentices practice their skills as they prepare thousands of meals for hungry San Diegans.” They have a high graduation rate which means less people are homeless and less people go hungry.

Thank you Alice for reaching out – so glad I was able to make my last documentary shoot such a positive and uplifting one!





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