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What Can You Do in A Day? | LA Photographer

When starting a commercial photography project, most clients want to have a ballpark idea of how long their project will take. Should they estimate an entire week or just a day? Understandably, you want to get the most bang for your buck. And fortunately, we can accomplish quite a bit in just a day with the right team in place! As an LA photographer, I’d be happy to help hook you up with your dream team so we can make your vision come to life.

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One-Day Commercial Photoshoots with Lindsay Kreighbaum Photography

If you want to knock it all out in a day, I recommend that we get all our ducks in a row first. When you have everything prepped and in place, one day is the perfect amount of time to get those images you need for your advertising campaign.

One-Day Photoshoot FAQs | LA Photographer

How long is a one-day commercial photography shoot?

In most cases, a one-day shoot involves about a 10-hour day.

Who’s on the dream team?

To get it all done in a day, the most crucial team members include:

  • Food stylist
  • Prop stylist
  • Digital tech
  • Assistants
  • Producer

If you’re not sure who to hire, start with you photographer and producer, and most likely they’ll have connections to reputable vendors and professionals they can recommend for your team.

How many shots can we produce in a day?

We can accomplish between 10-12 styled shots in a day. That number depends on the details and complexities of the project. In general, that number is pretty accurate.

How many shots do I need for my project or campaign?

While I can’t answer that for you without learning more about your needs or advertising campaign, I do know that 10-12 images work well for most. To make sure you get the images you need, it’s important to coordinate with your marketing team and determine the goals and intentions of your photos.

Make a list of ad placements and image purposes. Some common image placements include:

  • Packaging Materials
  • Product Labels
  • Billboards
  • Magazines
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Public Ads
  • Street Graphics
  • Transit Billboards
  • Online Ads
  • Store-front Posters
  • Social Media
  • Website / Email Marketing

*Even if your project requires more than a day, it’s important to determine the specific uses for your images because each use requires a photography license. Broad-use licenses cost much more than narrower image licenses. You can learn more about image licensing here.

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More Tips on Maximizing Time for a One-Day Commercial Shoot

  • Determine number of images & purposes ahead of time
  • Create a mood board
  • Make a shot list
  • Hire the right team
  • Hire a photographer who provides a treatment
  • Plan a shot list with your creative team
  • Communicate with your photographer & team
  • Allow space for inspiration
  • Let your team work their magic (especially if you have a producer)

Get the Most Out of Your Photoshoot with Lindsay Kreighbaum, LA Photographer

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell

When it comes down to it, preparation and project goals are the determining factors of whether or not a one-day shoot will work for you. If you have a fairly straightforward project and know what kinds of images you need, we can accomplish your vision with the right team in place.

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Wondering if a one-day photoshoot is right for you?

Provide a few details about your brand and project here, and I’ll be in touch with more info.

mushroom photo by Lindsay Kreighbaum Photography


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