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6 Mouthwatering Food Photography Trends | LA Food Photographer

Food photography is the best photography! And also the worst…it always makes me hungry. But if you’re in the food industry, that’s a good thing! Are you putting together images for your menu, marketing materials, social media, advertisements, website, or product labels? Here are some of the top food photography trends for 2022. Plus, I’ll explain why they’re effective so you can decide which one is best for your next project or campaign.

Top 6 Food Photography Trends for 2022

Lifestyle / In-Situation Food Shots

Lifestyle photography means photographing the food in context. How would you eat, serve, or enjoy it in real life?

Examples of lifestyle food photography sets:

  • Dinner party
  • Kids at a picnic
  • Family gathering
  • Pizza night
  • Cocktail party
  • Slumber party

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Why lifestyle food photography is effective:

Lifestyle photography is incredibly effective because it allows the viewer to imagine using the product in real-life situations. They can see it in context. Lifestyle images tend to evoke more emotions. You can connect with the viewer, create desire, and even evoke a sense of nostalgia. For instance, a dinner setting may bring up fond memories of dinner with loved ones.

lifestyle food photography

Mirrored Images

Mirrored images are just as they sound. I utilize mirrors to create mesmerizing reflections and play with light.

mirror images for food photographymirror images by Lindsay Kreighbaum

Why mirrored images are effective in food photography:

Mirrored images kind of create an optical illusion that compels the viewer to study the image a bit more (which is what you want in advertising). Mirrored images are interesting and creative, and they really highlight the mouthwatering details of your food or product.

monochromatic design

Tiled Images

Tiled images are created by photographing products within the same frame in a recurring pattern. You can also use tiled images to layer under other images and used the tiled image as the backdrop.

food photography; tiled imagestiles images

Why tiled images are effective in food photography:

These branded product images work really well as banners, backdrops, and branded patterns for your advertising material or website. It gives you extra branded material to work with, and they’re perfect for beautifully branded social media posts and creating cohesive feed design.

cookie dough for eat pastryLA food photographytiled images food photography

Stop Motion / GIFs

Although these are some of the most involved shots to create, they’re also my favorites. Stop motion involves compiling hundreds of still shots together into a motion clip. Stop-motion clips are eye catching and provide extra movement to your images. GIFs work similarly. You get a “movement snippet” rather than a whole video. (Use motion sparingly so as not to overwhelm the viewer.)

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Why movement is effective in food photography:

Adding movement to your images is a great way to catch the viewer’s attention and provide context for your product. There’s a reason GIFs are so addictive and we share them all the time. They offer more context and connection than a still shot, and they add creative appeal to your content.

stop-motion clips

Hero Images

Depending on your website platform, you may see designated areas that ask for a hero image. A hero image is the primary image you want to showcase. I often capture hero images of the product from below to give it some hierarchy. It literally makes your food or product look like the hero—the main focal point the commands attention.

hero images; food photographyhero images

Why hero images are effective in food photography:

Often, a hero image is the first visual encounter your customers have with your product. It stands bold and strong as the focal point of your content. Hero images usually require a professional commercial photographer who specializes in advertising and design. A hero image needs to be clear, crisp, and bold for the desire affect. Often, if the hero image is used on the top banner of your website, your tagline, slogan, or headline will go on top of or paired with the hero image.

hero images

Detail / Macro Shots

Close-up images of your food or product show those delicious details that make you hungry–even when you’re not hungry! Highlight the bubbles of a cool, refreshing drink or the sweet melty goodness of a chocolatey dessert. Even these macro shots of common fruits are just too intriguing to look away.

detail shots food photography macro photography; food photography

Why macro shots are effective for food photography:

Detail and macro shots allow you to zoom in on the detail and quality of your food or product. In turn, customers can see that your product is authentic, high-quality, and delicious! It’s too tempting not to try. Intrigue plays a big part here, too. Curiosity begs us to look a little closer and examine the shot, appreciating all those little details. Who knew an orange or a melon was so intricate?!

macro food photography; melon; Lindsay Kreighbaum Photography macro food photography



Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her here for product marketing!





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