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Product Photographers | Who Needs One & What Do They Do?

For those who aren’t in my niche, I usually get some blank looks when I tell people that I’m a product photographer. Sometimes, I even get puzzled expressions from fellow creatives or marketing professionals. I get it. The title is a bit broad—mostly because a product can be almost anything. So, whether you’re in the marketing world looking to brush up on other roles in the industry or a business who may need product photography, I can help define it for you. Once you know more about what product photographers do, you’ll have a better idea about what you need (and what you don’t need).

Uber Eats product photographer

First, determine the purpose of your products images. Product photography is ideal for:

  • Website design
  • Social media
  • Packaging
  • Billboards & advertising
  • Print material & magazine ads
  • Digital ads
  • …and more

Keep in mind that most product photographers have a specialty or signature style. The brand and the photographers style need to mesh. So, some product photographers may lean more toward shoes and apparel or maybe they stick to technology and electronics. Some companies prefer a creative approach to product photography, others prefer simple and basic product images, such as for ecommerce sites. Some product images require a white backdrop (like on Amazon), others allow creative flexibility (for social media or advertising).

Determining your goals and finding the right product photographer for your brand is very important (stay tuned for a future post on that!) I tend to lean toward bold, colorful images. I enjoy working with health, fitness, vegan, and sustainable brands when possible. Here are some of the most common products and brands I work with:

Top 5 Consumer Goods that Need Product Photography

CPG Products

CPG stands for consumer-packaged goods. Another vague term. Basically, that covers any “non-durable” product sold in bulk. As an LA product photographer, I get quite a few inquiries for energy drinks and bars, canned beverages, soda, snack bars and foods, etc. Sometimes they’re referred to as fast moving consumer goods, or FMCGs. Other mass-produced, low-cost items like toiletries or OTC health supplies and medications also fall into this category, although I typically stick to the food and drink side of it.

product photography; CPG product photography; FMCG

Specialty Foods

I love working with small, specialty brands because I often love the missions behind their products. Think: vegan marshmallows, dairy-free ice cream, almond milk, kombucha, small-batch cold brew, plant-based mayo—creatively photographing products like these is my jam!

kombucha product photography by Lindsay Kreighbaum

Liquor Brands

Using an aesthetic visual appeal is a huge factor in marketing liquor. Who can resist the temptation of a crisp, refreshing drink? I get quite a few inquiries from fresh and modern wine brands (rosé anyone?) as well as artisan distillers.

product photographer

artisanal liquor product photography

cocktail photography


Beauty is another big industry that relies heavily on visual appeal through product photography. The packaging, labels, dispensing and application method, and product consistency all play a part in marketing.

health and beauty product photography

health and beauty advertising

Health & Wellness Supplements

Sports performance drinks, powders, and bars fall into this category as do various health supplements. Apoptogenic teas and coffee replacements are big right now as are herbal and organic products. With quite a few of these types of products on the market, creative product photography can set your brand apart, prove its quality, and demonstrate the application. With these types of products, potential buyers like to check out the product’s consistency (no one likes grainy supplements that don’t mix well), so product photography can really make your unique products shine.

health supplements; sports performance

herbal supplements


Jewelry is definitely a product you wouldn’t buy without seeing it first—that’s the whole point of the product! So, it’s important to really capture the brilliance and detail of each piece through your product photography.

Lindsay Kreighbaum | LA Product Photographer

I take a different approach to each one of these product categories, which is why it’s important to hire a product photographer who knows what style and techniques work best for yours. I’d love to help you out! View my portfolio here, and get in touch with me here to connect.




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