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6 New Product Image Ideas | Hero Image, Image Silos, Gifs & More

I’ve had a few clients recently reach out needing product images for their brand, but they aren’t sure what types of product images they need. If you find yourself in the same boat, here’s a handy breakdown of the most common types of product images brands need for digital advertising. Learn more about hero images, image silos, stop-motion clips, gifs, and more below.

6 Types of Product Images that Increase Sales

Hero Image

This is the main brad image. As most recognizable image of that brand, it should be large, bold, and iconic. This image is often created as a banner and is usually placed front and center—the focal point of your page or advertisement. You make your first impression through your hero image.

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Product Image Silos

Sometimes you need to single out your products instead of showing the whole brand line. Product silo images may not seem all that exciting, but they’re an important staple to have in your product image arsenal. These individual product images are typically photographed against a white background to isolate the product for e-commerce. Product silos are what you see shopping on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Or, you may just need them for you online shop. Silo images look simple, but they can be difficult to effectively photograph against a white backdrop. The goal is to eliminate or minimize unwanted shadows and clearly display details.

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Action Shots

Dynamic shots are effective for food or drink or health and fitness brands. Imagine splashes and product flying through the air or an athlete mid-stride. Action shots are enticing, evocative, and motivating. 

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Texture Shots

Texture images are ideal for food, drink, and cosmetic brands. You can use these on your website, digital advertising, print materials, and social media. Use texture shots to give your customers an up-close view of your product. For instance, highlight carbonation bubbles, perfectly-whipped frosting, or ultra-creamy skincare products. Let them experience your product through the screen.

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Lifestyle Product Photography

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have lifestyle shots, sometimes known as context shots. These help your customers visualize how, when, and where your products are used. Sometimes we’ll use models, or we may provide context through environmental or circumstantial settings and arrangements. For example, we might photograph the food product within a full table setting. Or we might photograph a sports drink in a gym next to a weight rack. I love lifestyle product photography because it allows you to change perspective—we can go broad with a zoomed-out set, or we can zoom in on the details. Lifestyle images work well with most brands, and they’re incredibly versatile. You can use them in everything from website images to billboards and online ads.

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Stop-Motion Clips & GIFs

Other than your hero image or product image silos, we can also create stop-motion clips or gifs with the other types of shots. If you’re looking for new product image ideas, short clips can give you a boost in the digital advertising world by adding a bit of sparkle and movement to your product images.

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Lindsay is a Los Angeles food and product photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her here for product marketing!


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