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Best Props for Food and Product Photography

Is it time to update your product photos? Or maybe you’re going through a big rebrand. Designing images that speak to your brand’s mission, values, and aesthetic should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Exceptional food and product photography is a must if you sell a physical product.

With so much shopping happening online, customers first try (or taste) your product through their eyes. Your potential customers’ first interaction with your brand will probably be visual, so making a great first impression is important. That means creating images that are creative, enticing, and on-brand.

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We see photo and video ads all over the place, so your images need to stand out (in a good way). You might even consider adding a few GIFs or stop-motion clips in the mix. Finding the ideal props can help you craft your vision. But before you head to a photography supply website, consider other (often cheaper) options.

The key to great food and product photography is catching on to a vision or concept and knowing how to carry it out effectively. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error. If you struggle in the design area, partner with a professional food and product stylist or photographer. I’m more than happy to lend a hand!

Whether you’re taking the product photos yourself or hiring a professional food and product photographer, check out my favorite prop sources to find the inspiration you need to get going:

Lindsay’s Top Prop Sources for Food and Product Photography

Secondhand Stores

Feel up for a bit of rummaging? Try a thrift shop! I usually take on secondhand stores with a specific mindset: I’m on a treasure hunt for hidden prop gems. It takes a little time, and I may have to sort through some interesting items…but more often than not, I come away with something solid on my thrift shop adventures. The sifting can be well worth it in the end!

Home Goods Stores

My go-to places for food and product photography props are often home goods stores. They have just about any style of kitchen utensils and décor on the spectrum, from classic to trendy. If I don’t already have the style you’re going for (I’ve accumulated MANY kitchen props over the years), I bet we can find it at a home goods store. Here are a few of my favorite home good stores around Los Angeles (or you can shop online):


Of course, if you’re crafty and feel the creative itch, go ahead and try your hand a prop making! You can find some great food and product photography ideas on Pinterest. Sometimes I like to peruse the pins for fun, and something will spark an idea.

fun design ideas for product photography

Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact supplies as shown on the pin. I encourage you to make it your own and customize it! As you may have already experienced, the “hacks” people boast aren’t always as easy and flawless as they seem. That’s ok. Happy accidents often make the best photos or props! Don’t be afraid to tweak as you go.


Florals and greenery make fantastic props!floral food and product photography props

Hire an Artist

If you’re still not finding anything you like, I recommend hiring an artist or creative professional who specializes in the medium of the props you’re looking for (ahem, like yours truly). Take a peek at my photography portfolio. If you like what you see, drop a line on my contact form to get in touch.

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