Why You Should Invest in Photography for Business

When you order food for delivery, what catches your attention first? When you’re shopping online for a new outfit, are you going to trust the website with professional photos, or the one with quick photos snapped with an iPhone? When you’re on LinkedIn, does the person with a professional headshot or the person with a selfie get more interest from potential clients & employers? I’m here to tell you why you should invest in photography for your brand or business!

Just a few examples, but you understand what I’m getting at, right? When you invest in your business, it shows your customers that you will invest in them. With so many businesses being accessible online, it’s important to make sure that your business can compare (or hopefully surpass!) your competition. Little details matter. Your customers will notice.

But I’m just a small business!

I know, I know, when you’re a small business, especially just starting out, it seems like such a huge investment. But that’s because it is. It makes a HUGE impact to your potential customers and clients. It’s an investment in yourself and in your business – and it will pay for itself. You’ve worked so hard to begin and run your business, you deserve to showcase that work!

It’s the most gratifying feeling to have something you’ve created with such passion to be represented beautifully to your potential customers. Think of it as your own gallery opening – and you deserve to show that off to people who wanna buy!

With professional photography, you’ll have noticeably more engagement with potential customers on social media, a more professional and trustworthy looking website, and it shows that YOU CARE about your product/brand/business. All of these things mean more business for you.

Another bonus – if your brand or business is featured in an article, on another business’s social media or blog with a large audience – your future self will thank your past self for not having to scramble to find something suitable to be featured. You’ll be able to go back to that folder of beautiful images that you’ve already invested in and paid for so that your feature can be up ASAP for fast exposure to your business.

Ya dig?

Have I made my point here? People want to buy from businesses and brands that care & put effort into their products, because that means this product statistically will be of higher quality. If you want your brand or business to grow – treat professional photography as just another necessity, like a storefront, a business license, work computer – it’s impossible to make it in today’s world of social media marketing and lower attention spans without strong visual imagery.


The time is now! Invest in photography for your business and reap the many rewards that come soon after!

Here’s to creating beautiful images that showcase your hard work! Contact me for a free quote!


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