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Tips + Tricks for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Whew! Do you find it hard to keep cranking out engaging social media content? Sometimes, the task feels so daunting that I end up forgoing the post for the day. I don’t want to just throw useless content out there. I want to provide helpful, interesting, and authentic content that will resonate with my readers and keep them coming back for more. If you feel stuck in a social media rut, I’ve got a few ideas for you (far better than “share your favorite song lyrics”).

The key to engaging social media content is keeping it real, keeping it relevant, and using captivating imagery. I’d love to help you with both. As a California food and product photographer, I work alongside businesses and organizations to craft beautifully branded photos and GIFs to display on your website, social media, and other marketing avenues.

Once you have your branded media ready to go, pair it with engaging social media content. Try these prompts and ideas to get you started. Most of these are broad enough that you can apply them to different scenarios and cycle them through with fresh content each month:

12 Authentic + Engaging Social Media Content Prompts

1. Address your clients’ or followers’ most common questions.

Over the next month or so, take note of the most common questions you receive about your brand, product, or services. These questions may come from inquiring or existing customers via email, feedback surveys or reviews, social media, or in person. Social media is a great place to answer those questions or concerns. Answering questions posed by actual customers shows that you’re listening and that you care enough to address their concerns.

2. Start a *lighthearted* conversation.

If you have a versatile product, ask your followers how they use it in their day-to-day life. Ask them to take a picture while using the product and tag you in the post. For instance, if you have a protein powder, ask about their favorite way to mix it—baked into energy snacks, added to morning coffee, scooped into a post-workout smoothie, etc. Their input and photos provide free marketing and social media content!

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3. Take a fun poll or offer an intriguing quiz.

4. Share your story.

Without writing a book, share how you got into the business and your passion behind your work or product. You’ll seem more personable and connect with your followers on a deeper level.

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5. Run a contest, drawing, or giveaway.

6. Feature mini-interviews with employees or customers.

Help your followers connect with you by sharing candid interview-style or documentary-style clips. Let them get to know the people behind the brand.

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7. Do a product or recipe demonstration.

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8. Show helpful tutorials with content, photos, GIFs, stop-motion clips, or video.

9.Take your followers behind the scenes.

Showcase behind-the-scenes photos. They reveal the heart and passion behind your work, and your followers can see you in action. Lifestyle images work great here, too!

social media content ideas

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10. Do a “Caption This” contest.

“Caption This” is especially entertaining with animal photos or a silly candid shot caught at just the right moment. Let your audience generate engaging social media content for you!

Caption This

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11. Feature a recent blog post.

Put those blog posts to use by sharing them on all of your social media platforms. Sharing the posts will drive more traffic not just to your blog but also to your site. Easy social media content + more website traffic = win-win!

PS—If you don’t yet have a blog or don’t have time to manage one, give my girl Elise from Elise’s Edits a shout.

12. Don’t forget the CALL TO ACTION!!

You may not need a call to action on every post, but incorporate them as often as you can. Direct followers toward a specific step or action to get them involved. Here’s a list of strong calls to action:

  • “Subscribe for more tips.”
  • “Download the recipe.”
  • “Read more on the Blog.”
  • “Reserve your spot by [______].”
  • “Caption this photo for a chance to win [______].”
  • “Get started by [______].”
  • “View all of our products at [_____].”

Remember, your call to action doesn’t (and shouldn’t) always ask them to buy. (Skip the “like this post” verbiage, too. Keep it real.)

Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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