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It’s hard to evoke feelings or initiate a connection through an image of a lone product on a white background. And while I know those clean and crisp images are necessary at times, it’s okay to explore out of that box, too (pardon the pun). Product photography doesn’t have to be boring! As an LA food and product photographer, I know that it’s possible to make awesomely creative designs with inanimate objects. A little spice, color, and movement go a long way in promoting your brand and products. When possible, consider lifestyle product photography to diversify your brand and product images.

What is Lifestyle Product Photography

You’re probably familiar with lifestyle photography when it comes to family photos or personal branding—photography that showcases an authentic lifestyle vibe of people. But how do you create lifestyle photography without, well, life? The key to any lifestyle photography is context. The goal is to capture the subject—human or product—in its natural or most authentic context. The results offer a more realistic aesthetic.

Here are a few ways to do this with food or products:


1. Incorporate Models

Photograph someone using the product in context. For example: people sharing ice cream on a hot day; a person applying a skincare product to start the day; someone baking in the kitchen.

lifestyle product photography

2. Set the Scene

Photograph the products in a real-life situation. For example: ingredients on a cutting board in the kitchen; a beautifully plated meal; a warm cup of coffee displayed on a workspace; or an opened product that’s being used.

Lindsay Kreighbaum food photographer

3. Feature Natural Ingredients

For natural products, I like to enhance the lifestyle vibe by incorporating whole pieces of the ingredients into the arrangement. For example, if the product is citrus-flavored, I’ll use some fresh, colorful slices of orange or grapefruit. Or if the product includes botanicals, I’ll incorporate those into the design as well. Seeing it next to the product is much more compelling than reading the ingredient on the label.

food photography

5 Benefits of Lifestyle Product Photography in Marketing

 1. Create an Emotion + Vibe

Lifestyle product photography allows you to evoke feelings and create a vibe that matches your brand. For instance, maybe you sell a sports drink. Citrus looks so refreshing and hydrating after a hard workout. People can relate to that need to quench their thirst with something tasty.

food and product photography

2. Demonstrate Function + Utility

Lifestyle images also let you demonstrate how, when, and where to use or consume this product. Show customers the intended context and use for your product through lifestyle product photography.

3. Showcase Texture + Detail

Demonstrate the unparalleled quality of your product with detail shots. These are especially great for food. Don’t you just want to dip your finger in this rich, creamy goodness for a quick taste?

lifestyle product photography

lifestyle product photography

4. Convey Authenticity

While online shopping is convenient, it’s also increasingly difficult to know what you’re actually getting. Anyone anywhere can advertise and sell whatever they want. Consumers are getting tired of the lack of product quality and accurate information. So, while you’re building up a reputable brand, use these lifestyle images to show potential buyers that your product is the real deal—not a cheap knockoff.

5. Depict Your Brand

Finally, lifestyle product photography is a great way to reflect your brand. Not only can you use branded colors and textures, but you can also better convey the culture and values of your brand. What lifestyle is your product geared toward? Lifestyle product photography lets you better connect with your target audience.

lifestyle product photography

Connect with Lindsay

I’d love to capture your brand and products in the most authentic way possible. Help potential buyers connect with your brand through lifestyle images. Get in touch with me here to get started!

Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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