The Gluten Free Baking Co. Pandemic Response

I just finished my second documentary shoot at the production facility for The Gluten Free Baking Co. pandemic response photography project. Yet again, I feel the realness of this pandemic.

The Gluten Free Baking Co Pandemic Response

As a business that regularly caters to customers with severe allergies – owner Roanna Canete is no stranger to preventing any type of contamination in her products! The team is taking extra precautions to protect themselves and their customers from covid19 exposure.

As soon as I got there – I was required to dip my shoes in a sanitizing solution in the doorway. Roanna had so sweetly SEWED me a mask that I was to wear while there as well. ❤️ I felt completely safe and as protected as possible without wearing a medical grade mask or hazmat suit! The Gluten Free Baking Co. has their sh*t together for SURE during COVID19.

As I was going through these photos – it freaked me out a bit how much some of the photos look like they’re working in a medical facility or nuclear testing area rather than baking. But, I think it’s important to document and show people how serious these restaurant industry/bakeries/food service workers are taking this.

They’re grateful that they’re still allowed to operate. It should show their customers how dedicated they are to providing their products to them without interruption or concern of contracting COVID19 by consuming them.

These three ladies were totally in their zone doing the gluten free lord’s work ?! All while adapting to any protocols that are asked of them as food providers. At the storefront, you can arrange for contactless pickup and there is only electronic payment accepted.

Thank you Roanna for doing what you do. I know that your business will survive through this tough time and continue to thrive after. The Gluten Free Baking Co.  pandemic response will make sure that they thrive.

If you’re a business owner/chef/etc. interested in being documented, please contact me and view my other posts!



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