Tahona San Diego Pandemic Response

Today I had the honor of documenting another restaurant adapting to the current crisis. Tahona in San Diego pandemic response. They just recently reopened their doors to offer takeout and delivery to their customers. Known for their mezcal and dining experience – it wasn’t easy to transfer that experience in the current situation.

The team has adapted and ingeniously created to-go cocktails and mezcal along with their Oaxacan-inspired food for people to enjoy in the comfort (and safety) of their own homes.

While all of this sounds lovely, it doesn’t take away from the fact that every restaurant is still struggling. Front and back of house staff is cut down to just a few people. Staff that still remains have to wear gloves and masks at all times and maintain social distance. Not being able to have that in-house dining experience is dangerous to so many restaurants.

Tahona in San Diego is one of SO MANY great restaurants dealing with the COVID19 pandemic in any way that they can. It’s more important now that ever to support local busineses.

The places I’m documenting no longer look like restaurants. They look like power plants or medical centers. Empty of customers but still contain employees that are covered head-to-toe in protective gear.

I feel grateful that I am able to capture this hard time for more businesses each week. I just hope this passes sooner rather than later.

Thank you Tahona, for inviting me into your space today!


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