How Should I Prepare for My Photo Session?

How am I supposed to be preparing for my photo session?! This question is asked A LOT! And there are different things you can do to to prep for any type of session – portrait, on-location food or product, lifestyle – whatever it is – the more you’re prepared, the easier it is on everyone & the more fun we will have!

Preparing for your portrait Session

“I’m so awkward!” – truth is, you’re probably not! I’ll guide you through all the posing & give you cues, but the more you’re prepared, the more relaxed you’ll feel and the better your photos will turn out!

A few days before your session, pick out your outfit(s). Keep in mind the location of the shoot, because this will directly affect what you should choose to wear. If we are shooting on a patio with a ton of green plants and trees around it – it’s probably not the best idea to wear a green shirt! Or if we are shooting on a beach, heels that sink into the sand are not the best choice either!

Simple is better in this situation, and try not to overthink it too much. I would stay away from graphics or text on your clothes, unless its part of a dress code in a business setting (company logo, etc.). Crazy patterns aren’t always flattering on most people, so if you don’t want to wear solid colors, small stripes, dots, or flannel works!

Choose colors that don’t wash out your skin tones, but bring out your best features. Choose styles that flatter your body. If you feel great in your outfit, more than likely we are going to get so many photos that you’ll love!

If you’re getting a headshot taken, hair and makeup goes a long way, even for men! Dress the best way that you possibly can to represent your brand or business. If you’re more casual of a business, you can still look great without wearing a suit and tie or blazer!

If multiple people will be in your photo (sans uniform), make sure that the color choices of everyone’s outfit don’t clash. Avoid being too matchy-matchy because it tends to be taken less seriously thank you probably want it to be!

Communication is Key

I’ll do my very best to make you laugh with jokes and accents and dance moves! But make sure you become aware of “your side” & your best angles if you know that you have preferences. It’s not a great feeling to love your hair and your outfit, but then realize you photograph better from your left side than from your right. Your photographer had no way of knowing that beforehand! Communication is KEY. I’m not a mind reader, so if you have things you feel self-conscious about, please be sure to tell me. I want to be aware and make sure you are taken care of & that you are comfortable!

On-Location Food or Product Shoot

The number one thing you can do to prep for this type of shoot is to have a shot list. We want to make sure that we get everything photographed that you want. If there are any special notes for any of the items, be sure to write those down as well!

It’s also great to have a location set aside for your shoot. Most times that I photograph in a restaurant or retail space, the place is open for business! If this is the case, we need to make sure that we have a space (or a few!) set aside. We don’t have to interrupt any of your customers or ask them to move.

Make sure that your staff is aware of the shoot & what part they will play in the day! If you have chefs and cooks preparing & plating your food, make sure they take a little extra time to make it look the best. If we are shooting sandwiches or anything with sauces or dressings, it’s best to ask your staff to bring these out unassembled to be built right before being photographed since they require so much styling. We don’t want any breads to get soggy or greens to wilt!

If we are shooting products, make sure we have everything out and cleaned/steamed/lint-rolled/assembled as best as possible so that we don’t have to use up as much of the shoot time trying to remove dirt or putting things together. If we are shooting recipes, its best to have your recipe written out and all of your ingredients pre-measured!


The greatest thing to do when prepping for a lifestyle shoot – if it’s in your place of business, house, office – make sure the location is clean and tidy. Remove clutter that will be distracting from the point of the photos. We want the location to be the best representation of your business to potential customers – so just like you, your place should be dressed to represent!

If you’re having coworkers/staff in your lifestyle shoot make sure they’re wearing the appropriate attire & looking great. Oh, and also make sure that they know they’re going to be photographed – this also helps ?

The more that you do to prepare for your session, the better your final products are going to be! I am more than happy to guide you in the right direction & to help you come up with concepts for your shoot (whether it be sets, backdrops, props, etc.) but I want to represent YOU and YOUR BRAND. These comes in the form of objects and ideas that are personal to you and your business. I just help you bring the idea to life!

Preparing for your photo session shouldn’t be stressful or difficult! If you are struggling with a concept or a vision, please reach out! It’s easier to come up with ideas with someone that can give you examples and works with so many different people regularly. Create some mood boards on pinterest, save some instagram posts or screenshot some websites that inspire you. We’ll create something original that you’ll love!

Contact me for any further questions!

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