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Los Angeles Photographer

It’s honestly a dream to be able to be a Los Angeles food photographer. Not only do I get to make food into art, but there are SO MANY options. This city has so many cultures, cuisines, types of humans, everything. I’m always kept on my toes and never bored! Wanna know what my ideal clients look like? Keep reading!

Ideal Photography Clients

How did I fall into this? Naturally, I guess! I moved across the country to start my own photography business. It wasn’t photographing food or commercial work, but weddings! As much as I love making people feel and look great, my passion just wasn’t as strong as I thought. I couldn’t give back as easily as I could working with businesses and brands. I didn’t have as far of a reach when I was shooting a wedding.

First and foremost, I prioritize working with brands and businesses that contribute positivity and well-being to the world. I love working with brands that are vegan and promote sustainable practices. Those brands align with my morals and respect our planet. I also prioritize working with brands that give to nonprofits and communities in need. With large visibility, I believe a lot of brands and companies should to use their powerful platforms for good. In short, I want to work with companies that care for more than just turning a profit!

Food Photography

Food companies and restaurants that do some type of service in their communities are ideal clients. If they’re vegan and sourcing their ingredients from local/fair-trade providers, you are my dream! There are so many ways to give back and help others and since food companies and restaurants have direct access to food, they have the perfect opportunity to do things very locally in their communities. I take it very seriously when I am able to represent amazing brands and businesses that give back. An example of a dreeeeeam client in this category would be Bobo’s. They’re vegan, source their ingredients from sustainable sources, woman-owned, and they have a list of causes they directly support right on their website!

Product Photography

Just as above, I loooooove working with brands that don’t harm animals or the earth. I want to work with more brands that care about the environment and not filling our landfills. Natural products are a must for me as well. For example, a brand that aligns with my morals is Tula Skincare. Vegan and all natural ingredients. A brand that shows a lot of diversity in their branding.

I love my job

There are so many reasons that I am grateful that I get to be a Los Angeles food photographer. But one of the best reasons is I provide part of the vessel that gets great messages out in the world. I’m an artist, and I love being creative and making beautiful work, but being able to play a part in making a difference is the best part of it!

If your brand or business fits any of these descriptions, I’d love to work with you. I offer special pricing for clients that fit these criteria because I believe in your mission. Can’t wait to work with you!




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