the team at spitfire tacos assembly-line style assembles tacos for san diego ready meals fund

Spitfire Tacos and The San Diego Ready Meals Fund Food Photography

Aaaaaand we got another one! Yesterday, I documented the team over at Spitfire Tacos (& Head Lettuce) doing their thang! The reason that this shoot was so special was that through the pandemic, the San Diego Ready Meals Fund was created by Scott and Thai Slater.

The San Diego Ready Meals Fund

They saw the need for fulfilling, healthy meals needed for first responders, medical workers, caregivers at assisted living facilities & more. The program is run entirely on donations. Scott and Thai have been working tirelessly to prepare and get this food out to those who need it most!

I arrived to Spitfire Tacos at prep time. One of the large orders of the day was for an assisted living facility. Honestly, I was mesmerized watching everything being prepared. I could tell that the team had a system. 

Goal Achieved!

Not only has The San Diego Ready Meals Fund reached their donation goal of $50,000 – they’ve surpassed it. They’ve also received generous product donations from other companies to include in the donation meals. Popchips, Dr. Bronner’s, Suja, & Perfect Snacks are just some of these great companies!

This shoot was also really special, because even though I’ve been able to photograph other restaurants donating to those in need, I hadn’t been able to see the delivery of the meals to some of the recipients until this one! At the end of the shoot, a group of employees from the assisted living facility came to pick up all the meals. It was nice to see how appreciative they were towards Scott and Thai!

The team was really amazing & super efficient. It’s so nice to see that businesses that are struggling are doing SO MUCH to help others. These difficult times bring out the best or worst in people, and I am so fortunate to see some of the most generous and selfless things happen right in front of my eyes.

If you’d like to make a donation to the San Diego Ready Meals Fund – please visit this link:




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