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How Can Professional Photos Help Your Business Portfolio?

With everything online these days, it’s challenging to rise above the noise and get noticed. Even with a great product or service and years of experience under your belt, it’s easy to get lost among others trying to do the same. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur navigating the startup process, a small business owner vying for more presence, or a freelancer trying to land new jobs. If you’ve checked everything else off your list and are looking for creative ways to make your business portfolio or website stand out, don’t forget the power of visuals! Without photos, you’re just more words on a page.

Promote yourself and amplify your website with bold, convincing photos. Even those in less visual, creative industries can benefit by adding a bit of color and personality to an ordinary portfolio. Here’s how!


5 Reasons to Add Photos to Your Business Portfolio

1. Showcase Your Work

If you’re an artist or a business with a product, this is a bit more tangible. A business portfolio or website is a must so people can see what you do and what you have to offer. People can see the quality right in front of them. The key is to use professionally branded photos that effectually demonstrate how you’re different and why your product is better.


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Those with services have to think outside the box. Sure, you could go with stock photos, but most people will recognize those as visual placeholders. There’s not anything special about them. Instead, work with a professional branding photographer to create a collection of eye-catching visuals that are more interesting and persuasive. A branding photographer can help you brainstorm concepts to convey your services visually. Personal branding or documentary-style photos work well for service-based businesses. Images that let potential clients see you in action are more convincing than stock photos of a generic office or workspace.


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2. Make It Personal

On that note, a little personalization goes a long way. The pandemic has made many of us feel disconnected, longing for authentic interactions. Impersonal photos won’t do you any favors, but showing off a warm smile or day-in-the-life snapshot makes you seem human and personable – someone to reach out to and connect with. Putting a face to the content will help tremendously by building a bit of trust and authenticity upfront.


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3. Prove Your Expertise

Show that you walk the talk. Back up your testimonials, compelling copy, and service descriptions with professional images. Make your business portfolio more robust with professional images.


4. Show Your Range in Your Business Portfolio

Do you offer multiple products or services? Show all that you have to offer and demonstrate your versatility through your visuals in your business portfolio.


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For instance, I specialize in product, food & drink, and stop-motion photography. So, I have pages dedicated to each of those areas with multiple visual examples and recent projects on my website. I can say that I’m an experienced branding photographer, but if potential clients can’t see it, they’re not likely to inquire. Instead, they’ll move on to someone who showcases the type of work that they’re wanting.

5. Entice the Potential Clients or Buyers

Finally, once they see you as an established and professional business in your business portfolio, your uniquely branded photos will also work to persuade buyers that they need your product or service. Whatever you pride yourself on – delicious food, organic products, personalized service – that’s what we’ll focus on conveying throughout your visuals, tempting people to try it!


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Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based food, product, and commercial photographer. She specializes in Still Product & Food Photography, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography, Stop Motion, and Food Styling. Connect with her HERE for product marketing!


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