Contactless Content Creation

A permanent change is happening. We’ve been at home for weeks. Our society has adapted quicker than most of us could have ever imagined. Zoom calls take the place of in-person conference calls, employees are completing their jobs from home, restaurants are adapting to takeout/delivery restrictions, online education has skyrocketed, the list goes on. It’s the new normal. Contactless content creation is here.

We’re Virtual!

Our work lives are turning digital. We are constantly shown how efficient and productive we can be without leaving our homes. Some other benefits are quite obvious as well. The smog has cleared in Los Angeles. The water in Venice is crystal clear. People in Japan can see Mount Fuji. The earth is thanking us for this change.

There is a DRASTIC increase in online sales in the current time. With businesses being forced to close brick & mortars, they turn to their only other platform – internet sales. Many businesses are adapting perfectly and are able to continue to turn a profit. Making sales online is here to stay.

Advertising and Content Creation

If there are no physical locations to go to create marketing material for these online businesses, how to content creators fulfill the demand of businesses? We follow suit! It’s entirely possible to create and deliver content without meeting in person.

Contactless Content Creation

Introducing a new way to deliver images and content to your brand or business: contactless content creation!

The beauty of modern photography equipment is that it’s transportable. We are able to bring our equipment wherever we need it to be, including our homes. It’s easy to set up a studio space wherever you need.

I am able to set up a space in my apartment dedicated totally to photography. Products can be shipped directly to me & also returned the same way. I have a large collection of backdrops, props & equipment. If I need any other products or props, I will make them or order online.

If desired, your shoot can be livestreamed. My camera is tethered to my editing software which can be shared via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. It’s extremely helpful if you want to have input during the shoot without physically being here. Convenient and safe!

A Priority of Safety

Due to COVID19 – safety of all parties remains the number one priority. Therefore, I sanitize the products  before I begin any photography, and again before being returned.

With the state of the world, no measures are “too crazy” to prevent the transmission of any viruses or germs – and I take this seriously!

Now What?

If you’re interested in contactless photography services to grow your online sales, please send me an email. I am so ready & excited to work with brands and businesses in any way that I can, as long as we are all safe & happy.

Contactless content creation is the new way of life for many commercial photographers, and I am ready to be the one to deliver that to your business!


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