Plant Power Fast Food And Support and Feed

I drove up to Long Beach on Thursday to document the massive amount of donation food being prepped at Plant Power Fast Food through Support and Feed!

Each week, Plant Power is able to donate meals & kombucha/coffee/etc. to first responders & other groups of people in need. I stopped by to watch the amazingness that is the crew at the Long Beach location & my mind was BLOWN.

I got there at 12:30, and within 30 minutes, the crew filled 3 boxes full of burgers with hyper speed. I’m not kidding. It was an assembly line of vegan goodness and I loved every second of it. Irma pumped up her coworkers and they finished at 1:00pm on the dot. Support + Feed got there a few minutes later and it was time to load up the car to bring the food!

It’s really incredible that these restaurants are struggling themselves, but still are willing to donate food to those that are in need. It was really amazing to see how excited the staff got to not only prepare the food, but especially to give it to the people that are bringing it to the healthcare workers on the front lines.

In such strange times, where most people are feeling anxious, depressed, worry, etc. – it was a beautiful thing to watch so much positivity in one place. Helping others truly makes a difference in one’s happiness and self-worth. You may think that you’re just one person and can’t do much to help, but this little moment at this restaurant showed me that every little bit counts. Doing something for others will always make you feel good.

Thank you to Plant Power Fast Food Long Beach for letting me into your space and allowing me to capture your contagious positivity & willingness to give to others!




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