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Punch Catering Pandemic Response Photography

Yesterday, I headed up to Los Angeles for a couple more documentary shoots. I was able to meet up with Philip from Punch Catering and talk to him about how he’s had to pivot his business during COVID19. Here’s Punch Catering pandemic response photography project was born.

Punch Catering

Punch Catering is a relatively new business, only starting last October. They cater to events and mostly weddings. All the events are either cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic. They decided to create their delicious cocktails and deliver them around Los Angeles.

Not only are people missing events, but they’re also missing going out to bars. Punch Catering is bringing the bar right to your doorstep. Summer is coming up and temperatures increasing. I can only imagine that Philip is going to have his hands full with Los Angeles’s supportive cocktail connoisseurs!

Philip walked me through everything that Punch Catering does when preparing their delivery orders. Perfectly branded and labeled bags and bottles are made for each drink. They throw in their signature Andes mints in every order. The drinks were made with fresh ingredients, block ice and it’s like bringing bartender quality to your doorstep. He told me it was something they always have during all their catering events before the pandemic. I thought it was really sweet touch to the entire process (no pun intended!)

Pandemic Response 

I love that Punch Catering really wanted to offer a little bit of normalcy in a time of crisis in most people’s lives. If people can’t go out for a refreshing cocktail, they wanted to be able to bring it to them. Small businesses have the ability to change their business models so much easier than larger corporations. I think that Punch Catering’s delivery service is such an inventive idea that will bring them success even after events are able to take place again.

Thank you for inviting me to capture your work, Philip! Honored to capture something different than a lot of the other businesses I’ve photographed for this project! Punch catering & so many other businesses are showing their ingenuity and killing it through the COVID pandemic – who would have thought?!




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