donna jean provides pre-portioned dry goods and kitchen staples for sale

Donna Jean, Pandemic Response Part Two!

There’s been a few updates to the way that Chef Roy Elam is operating Donna Jean! Here is part two of the Donna Jean pandemic response photography. If you missed part one, check it out here!

I went into Donna Jean because I was DYING for some sourdough bread. Last week as soon as it was posted on social media, it was GOOOOONE!! And for good reason – it’s AMAZING!

Since so many staples have been hard to find in stores – Donna Jean has basically turned their dining room into a mini convenience store. Yes, you can still order takeout and delivery of their regular delicious menu. You can also purchase pre-portioned bags of flour, beans, and other kitchen staples!

They’ve also added a HUGE selection of baked goods. Obviously the sourdough is offered, but you can also get cinnamon rolls, cookies, wheat bread & focaccia. All of Scratchhouse’s cheese & condiments are still available, and Chef Tony Howe is working on an incredible seitan recipe as well!

An Anti-COVID19 Kitchen

The kitchen crew is also being SO diligent about keeping faces covered, gloves on, and customers protected. Right now, face coverings are not mandatory, but this kitchen is playing it safe.

Donna Jean Resilience

I am so incredibly proud of this restaurant for how quickly and successfully they’ve adapted to the health specifications during the pandemic. They’ve found ways to not only serve their customers’ needs, but also to provide food at cost to their employees so that it’s more affordable. Staff meals are still available despite the difficult times for small businesses.

Thank you to those restaurants that are putting in the extra effort to meet their customers’ and neighborhoods’ needs without breaking the bank. Donna Jean pandemic response photography project is a wrap!



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