Trilogy Sanctuary: San Diego COVID19 Resilience

Whoa, I’m feeling very grateful that I was invited to document Trilogy Sanctuary for pandemic response photography. Or should I say Virtual Trilogy?!

I was particularly excited for this documentary shoot because I’ve been focused primarily on the restaurant industry – but Trilogy has a bunch of offerings rolled up into one place!

Virtual Trilogy

Not only is Trilogy an amazing all-vegan place to eat, but it’s also a yoga studio, a boutique, an event space & also offers spiritual counseling and naturopathic doctors. As you may have guessed, these things are difficult to provide without being physically there. Never fear, Trilogy has pivoted business for the time being to provide services as virtually as possible to keep their customers safe.


The cafe at Trilogy is offering their entire menu, but for takeout or delivery only. Organic, vegan, and gluten free – the cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Yoga Program

Trilogy is offering livestream yoga classes so that students can continue to practice with regular teachers and still feel connected. They’re offering over 25 classes per week including vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative nidra, meditation, and breathwork!

Totem Boutique

Trilogy has gone the extra mile to make their own hand sanitizer that is for sale in their store. The ever-elusive toilet paper is also for sale for $1 a roll! The boutique will continue to offer hundreds of sustainable and local brands and the Trilogy cookbook will be on sale online this spring!


Trilogy’s weekly live music, yoga workshops and special events will be livestreamed and also available via social media.

Spiritual Counseling

Trilogy’s founder will be leading spiritual consultation, energy healing and intuitive readings via online sessions.

Naturopathic Doctor

Tribe Medicine is a naturopathic and functional medicine practice led by Dr. Leah Gordon, treating patients online and an outlet to buy supplements.

Thank you, Keith, for inviting me to photograph Trilogy Sanctuary during the midst of the COVID19 pandemic in San Diego. I’m so proud of the restaurant industry’s resilience and will to succeed through these trying times!

I feel so lucky that so many restaurants have allowed me to safely document their space & team since my first one a couple weeks ago. I am so excited to continue this project and help out this industry as much as possible.





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