Five Facts About Me

I’m constantly thinking about how I can serve my clients better & how I can make their experience working with me the best it can be. One way I found to be helpful is to create CONNECTION! Connect with me on maybe some of these 5 facts about me!

I try to get a feel for my client’s personality and vision as best as I can, that I really honestly don’t think about myself that much. It’s pretty common for me to get to a shoot and my client really doesn’t know more about me than what I do!

I figured it would be a nice change just to throw 5 fun facts out there so that you can get a better sense of who I am as person, not just a business owner!

I wasn’t always a photographer! Yes, I’ve been photographing almost nonstop since high school – but I was a server in NYC for most of my time living there, and was also a personal trainer! I started training when I thought that fitness was my ~passion~ but then quickly realized that personal training wasn’t going to bring me long term happiness. I realized it’s more of something that I just do for myself, and not for others. To this day, I train Olympic weightlifting (not in the olympics, its just the type of lifting consisting of clean & jerks and snatch lifts!) and jiujitsu. I very rarely take days off from these activities, but they keep me grounded and keep my mental health on point – especially when I need a break from my computer!

In June of this year, I’ll be vegan for 16 years! And no, I’ve never taken any kind of break from it. I started being vegan in high school – I grew up primarily in a punk/hardcore scene with my friends, so it was somewhat common (not nearly as common as today) – but outside of that little world – nobody had any idea what to do with me ?I honestly started off as a vegan because I had some disordered eating and really wanted to just eat healthier, but very quickly it turned into a moral decision. Today, I am vegan for the animals first and foremost. But after that, I am vegan for my health and the planet. I’m the only vegan in my family, so I am pretty used to being around non-vegan foods. I’m not pushy about it – because I would rather someone make the choice on their own – it’s more likely they’ll stick to it! I just appreciate open minds and respect. It doesn’t deter me from taking on clients or brands that aren’t vegan!

I get fixated on silly accents. For real. I am always talking to my friends and family in all different accents. I try to perfect them as best as I can. Some of my most notable ones are “Concerned Jewish New York City Mother.” Oh, and the Southern King of the Hill-esque American (think – a lot of “fricken” and “dang ol”) oh, fun fact – I have a king of the hill tattoo ??‍♀️

I am so pro-carb that it’s annoying. Man, living in NYC for 9 years made me such a food snob. I didn’t even realize it until I moved to the west coast. BAGELS BAGELS BAGELS. Every time I go back to NYC to visit, I bring an empty bag with me so that I can bring home MULTIPLE dozens of bagels home with me to freeze. NYC pizza is the greatest pizza and no one can tell me otherwise. I love carbs so much. I’m grateful that I love weightlifting and jiujitsu as much as I do. I would be quite unhealthy with this lovely habit I’ve developed over the years ?

I think I am a grandma trapped inside my body. For real. I’m such a morning person. I love waking up early, getting a head start on the day. If I’m not in bed by like 10pm THE LATEST, I am so cranky. I like to think that I’ve just found my windows of productivity, rather than being a totally boring human being.

I hope this was mildly entertaining. It’s impossible to get to know someone through a blog post or social media! But hey, I hope we get to work together and maybe you’ll hear one of my accents in person! There’s your 5 facts about me!




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